Steve Dunnwoody

For Congress (CA-30)

An America that Works for US

Steve is a Veteran, Educator, and Environmental Champion who is a lifelong public servant who cares deeply for this community and has dedicated his life to making a better future for everyone. He was born in Detroit, the son of union auto workers and entrepreneurs whose families moved from the deep South for jobs and opportunities. Steve is the 6th generation in his family to serve in the military going back to the Revolutionary War. He joined the Air National Guard under its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy to help pay for school, serving in Iraq. Upon returning, he completed college at Kent State University, graduating with a degree in Political Science. On the recommendation of a friend, he went to hear a speech by then-Senator Barack Obama on ending our dependence on fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy and was moved to join the Obama campaign in 2008. He proudly served in the first-term administration at the White House and U.S. Department of Energy. A 10-year resident of Los Angeles, Steve works as an environmental advocate helping protect the San Gabriel Mountains and ending urban oil drilling, as well as having campaigned with Senator Bernie Sanders on a statewide ballot proposition to bring down the costs of prescription drugs. He is an experienced educator, having taught courses in political science at UCLA and UC Berkeley, as well as holding a Master’s degree from the Goldman School of Public Policy and studies in Anti-Trust and Constitutional Law at UCLA Law School. In addition, he served as an administrator at UCLA and helped run a center to boost diversity in the STEM fields. Steve has been elected as a Democratic Party delegate and serves on the Sierra Club “Angeles” Chapter board. Steve is running because, from gun violence, income inequality, injustice, and housing to the climate crisis, the status quo of business-as-usual politics and politicians won’t do. Instead, we need an America that works for US.

Veteran. Educator. Environmental champion.

“Across the country, we see an attack on our civil and democratic rights, crippling economic inequality, a housing crisis, and gun violence; we need to work for an America that works for US to deal with these issues and make a better future for everyone.

— Steve Dunwoody

Issues and


Ending Gun Violence

On day one, as a member of Congress, I will work to pass an assault weapons ban and mandatory background checks on all arms sales to keep weapons that belong in a war zone off our streets, as well as invest in mental health services, youth, and job programs.

Reimagining and Ensuring Public Safety

Investing in public safety and ensuring accountability shouldn’t be mutually exclusive terms. We can ensure we are reinvesting in communities, youth, and mental health services and non-lethal responses while ensuring public safety officers can focus on violent crime and be accountable, because no one is above the law.

Supporting Working Families and People

Our families and people are the bedrock of our nation. In Congress, I will work to ensure we support them by raising the minimum wage to a living one, renewing the earned income tax credit, paid childcare and leave, supporting maternal health, and boosting retirement and Social Security.

Dealing with the Climate Crisis and Championing a Green New Deal

As a member of Congress, I will keep up the pressure on Congress and the Administration to deal with the climate crisis, as well as champion a just transition to clean energy union jobs, energy-efficient homes, buildings, and electric vehicles through a Green New Deal that the Inflation Reduction Act makes a down payment on.

The Right to a Home: Ensuring Housing is Affordable and Available to Everyone

We are in a housing crisis. If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it taught us that having a home is essential for everyone as a human right. I will work for HUD programs to build more medium, low, and fixed-income housing, keep costs low for renters (including me) and first-time homebuyers, and help struggling renters and homeowners stay in their homes as well as provide support to mental health and drug treatment services to help the unhoused get off the streets.

LA county
A Transportation System that Works for Everyone

Transportation is the lifeblood of our district and cities. As a member of Congress, I will work to provide funds from the Department of Transportation and Energy made available from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act to make our traffic system more efficient and drivable. As well as rebuilding roads, providing tax credits for electric vehicles, more charging stations, and championing mass transit and walkable and bikeable streets for all.

Defending Our Communities and Democracy from Hate

Our communities across the spectrum are facing an unprecedented amount of anti-Black, Latino, AAPI, Armenian, Semitic, Muslim, immigrant, and LGBTrans hate. I will champion intersectionality throughout the communities in our district creating bridges and providing support for public education, cultural learning centers, and programs rooted in making diversity, equity, and inclusion practices the law.

Investing in K-12 Education, Debt & Tuition-Free Public College

We must fully invest in K-12 education for our students and pay educators of every level what they’re worth. Student debt is holding back an entire generation from being able to pursue goals, own homes, start families and become financially secure. As a member of Congress, I will support student loan forgiveness programs and work towards the goal of tuition-free college at public schools.

Guaranteed Healthcare and Medicare for All

We must work for the day when every single American can have healthcare without having to worry about the cost of care. I will work to bring healthcare costs down and champion the vision of single-payer healthcare through Medicare-for-All

Fixing Income Inequality

The top 1% own 37% of the wealth. This is unsustainable. We must work to close tax loopholes for the 1% and large corporations that pay 0 in taxes while lowering taxes for working families, single-income earners, and small businesses. This is in addition to fixing the gender and racial pay gap. We must also make it easier for workers to collectively bargain for higher pay and working conditions by forming unions without fear of reprisal or “union-busting tactics”.

Support for Artsakh

The U.S. government must end the supply of weapons and money to Azerbaijan, support the Republic of Artsakh and recognize the Armenian Genocide, so there isn’t another one.